Chapter 2 | Sense, Nonsense, and the Stimulus

Helpful videos

Longitudinal vs. Transverse Waves

Note: Electromagnetic waves aren’t particles, strictly speaking (it’s complicated), but this video gives a pretty good idea of the two movement patterns.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

This video offers additional information about electromagnetic waves specifically. Note that electromagnetism contains two distinct ”components” – an electric field and a magnetic field.


From Daredevil #1 (1964), by Stan Lee and Bill Everett

Matt through captions:

“My hearing is so acute, that I can tell if someone is in a room with me just by hearing the heartbeat!”

“And I never forget an odor once I smell it! I could recognize any girl by her perfume… or any many by his hair tonic…”

“Even my fingers have become incredibly sensitive! I can tell how many bullets are in a gun just by the weight of the barrel…”

“While my sense of taste has become so highly developed that I can tell exactly how many grains of salt are on a piece of pretzel…”

(See Chapter 9 for the next panel which introduces the radar sense.)

From Daredevil #1, the art focuses on Matt's ear, nose, hand, and mouth in turn to go with the captions

From Daredevil #2 (1964), by Stan Lee and Joe Orlando

Caption: ”Imagine a blind man operating a space ship!! Not as impossible as it seems if that man can hear the levers move, feel the power needed, sense the direction of flight!!”

Daredevil: ”I’ve done it! I’ve reversed the missile’s course!!”

Caption: ”And then, the most incredible tas of all begins… The task of landing the powerful spaceship back on Earth without injuring any hapless humans!”

Daredevil: ”By hearing the slight movement of the astro-compass, I can gauge my direction perfectly! And by feeling the action of the radarscope I can pinpoint my landing! I’ll bring the ship down in the middle of Central Park in New York, finding an open spot where I hear no human heartbeats.”

Daredevil lands a space ship. Text content described in conjunction with this image.

From Daredevil #10 (2015), by Charles Soule and Ron Garney

Caption relaying Matt’s thoughts: ”Blood. Everyone’s blood smells different. Body chemistry, diet, background… all sorts of factors. I’m not an expert. I probably couldn’t identify any one person by the scent of their blood. But I’m good enough to tell one from another.”

Daredevil: ”The… paint. It’s not just one person’s blood.”

Blindspot: ”Wait, what? How many people are up there?”

Daredevil: ”I could be off by one or two. But by my count… at least one hundred and thirteen.”

Daredevil and Blindspot investigate the painting left by serial killer Muse in Daredevil #10 (2015)