Chapter 6 | A Sense of Space

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The Movie from the Cornell Experiments

Source: Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

Overview of Echolocation

Lore Thaler is a prominent scholar in the area of echolocation whose research is quoted liberally in Chapter 6.


While not evidence of echolocation per se, chapter 6 briefly mentions the two scenes from the Daredevil show where we see Matt snap his fingers, as if to check if he can sense his surroundings. Included here for the simple fact that they’re interesting.

Matt loses and regains his hearing

The scene from season two, episode three, in which Matt temporarily loses his hearing. He snaps his fingers at the end of the clip as his hearing returns.

Matt’s full hearing is restored

The scene from season three, episode two which sees Matt’s full hearing ability restored. He again snaps his fingers to test his hearing.