Chapter 1 | The Literary Adventures of the Super Blind


Note! Early printings (physical books purchased before circa mid-September, 2022) contain an error regarding Frank Miller’s age at the time he started working on Daredevil. While he was indeed very young, he was not quite as young as nineteen. The first issue Miller penciled, Daredevil #158 (cover dated to May 1979), hit the stands in late January 1979, mere days after his 22nd birthday. This would have made him twenty-one years old at the time he was hired for the job at the end of 1978.

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From Daredevil #9 (1964), by Stan Lee, Wally Wood, and Bob Powell

Caption: ”That night…”

Matt, to himself: ”And yet, if only i dared to really have an eye operation! If only I didn’t fear that I would lose my super-senses if my vision returned! How ironic that Daredevil, the Man Without Fear, is mortally afraid of ever regaining his sight!”

A contemplative Matt is standing in his apartment thinking about his upcoming trip to Latvia, as seen in Daredevil #9.

From Daredevil #500 (1964/1998),
by Ed Brubaker and (here) Chris Samnee

Caption: Japan — Hundreds of years ago

Naguchi: “So, its’ true… You blinded yourself. You’re a fool, Izo.”

Izo: “No, Naguchi… Better to let the sun take my eyes than see what we have become… There is no honor left in the hand. Our leader could never find enough sake to wipe this shame from his mind… were he still alive.”

Naguchi: “So you did this to be like him? To see if we’d follow you now?”

Izo: “I’m nothing like him, to my disgrace… I’m weak… But not as weak as you. No. I blinded myself so I could see this world better than all of you… But now I realize, you see nothing, Naguchi.”

Naguchi: “You preach sacrilege. The men will kill you.”

Izo: “Let them try… I’ll enjoy that. Of course, they’ll have to find me first… Goodbye, brother… I’ll miss you.”

The first of the two pages detailing Master Izo's blinding – see accompanying dialogue between Izo and one of his order. Conversation held at the temple grounds before Izo jumps over the railing down the mountains.
The second of the two pages detailing Master Izo's blinding – see accompanying description

From Super-Villain Team-Up #7 (1975), by Steve Englehart and Herbe Trimpe

The caption reads: ”Then, when Namor has sunk deep into a tub of life-preserving water…”

The Shroud: ”You might as well get comfortable, Sub-Mariner. I know your strength was drained in your fight with the Human Torch — and I have a long story to tell you — a story no other mortal has ever heard before — the origin of The Shroud!”

From Fantastic Four #1 (1961), by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Mole-Man: ”That was to be the last of my misfortunes! My luck began to turn in my favor! I mastered the creatures down here — made them do my bidding — and with their help, I carved out an underground empire!”

Caption: ”A note of madness creeps into the Mole’s voice as he speaks of his power! And then, he makes his first fatal mistake…”

Mole-Man: ”I conquered everything about me! I even learned to sense things in the dark — like a Mole! Here, I’ll show you! try to strike me with that pole! Try it, I say!! Hah! I sensed that blow coming! NOthing can take me by surprise! And, I have developed other senses too, like those of the bat –”

Mole-Man faces off against the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #1, by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

And just for the fun of it, here’s the trailer to The Langoliers….