Chapter 5 | Super Hearing

Errata (sort of)

Not an error as much as a case of unclear wording in the following section: “You would also see that the oval window on one end is matched by a membrane called the round window at the “far” end. When the stapes pushes on the oval window (I like to picture this looking something like a plunger in a toilet bowl), this is matched by the movements of the round window, which help the fluid move without having to be compressed more than necessary.”

The round window is not located at the far end of the uncoiled ”tube,” as such, but rather at the far end of the liquid-filled cavities which surround and sort of fold back around the basilar membrane. See the image below for a better illustration.

Helpful videos

A quick look at the cochlea and its parts

Better illustration of how the oval and round windows connect

Illustration of how the round and oval windows are connected by fluid running the entire length of the cochlea

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From Daredevil #105 (1998), by Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

Daredevil: ”I’ve got one last chance to find him. One last chance to save my wife. And only one way to do it… I listen harder than I have in a long time. I know his voice… his tone, the metallic echo of the mask he wears. The self-satisfied laughter at the back of this throat. It isn’t easy to shut out the Kitchen’s noise and zero in on one voice among the din. It never has been… But I can do it.”

Daredevil, crouched on a rooftop, listens for signs of Mister Fear.