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3D image of the front cover of Being Matt Murdock – One Fan's Journey Into the Science of Daredevil

By Christine Hanefalk

Being Matt Murdock

One Fan’s Journey Into the Science of Daredevil

You will never look at Marvel’s fan-favorite character Daredevil the same way again! Welcome aboard a genre-bending ride into the science of the senses – heightened or not.

What could possibly allow someone to hear heartbeats? Is there something it is like to “radar-sense”? Is it true that your remaining senses are enhanced if you lose one of them? And, how is it that any of us can sense anything in the first place?

Christine Hanefalk takes an in-depth look at these questions – and many more – in this definitive examination of the science of Daredevil’s senses. Here, the author makes a passionate case for how we might come to understand this fan-favorite character on a deeper level while making room for both his blindness and heightened senses.

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Chapter 5 | Super Hearing

Chapter 5 | Super Hearing

Not an error as much as a case of unclear wording in the following section: “You would also see that the oval window on one end is matched by a membrane called the round window at the “far” end. When the stapes pushes on the oval window (I like to picture this looking...

Chapter 1 | The Literary Adventures of the Super Blind

Chapter 1 | The Literary Adventures of the Super Blind

Note! Early printings (physical books purchased before circa mid-September, 2022) contain an error regarding Frank Miller's age at the time he started working on Daredevil. While he was indeed very young, he was not quite as young as nineteen. The first issue Miller...